Anita Lee Creations Membership section.

This section contains Websets, Sig Tags, Incredimail, and soon to come graphic images.  In addition, members get personalized websets, Sig tags & Incredimail.  The membership section also includes an a mature section.

Information on how to join below

Anita Lee Creations Membership

Terms or Lack of Them


No restrictions other than passing them off as your own. Meaning.. you may use them however you wish for personal or commercial sites but don't sell or distribute the graphics. If it is found that the Incredimail letters in the members section are being shared in an Incredimail group (and people do tell) the membership will be cancelled and no refund will be issued.

No link back is required but always appreciated if you choose to do so.

Please don't give out the password to anyone... only fair.  These are ROYALTY FREE images, you may use them in any COMMERCIAL or NON-COMMERCIAL site, however I retain the original copyright.  I have no desire to unlawfully sell anything or infringe on anyone's copyrighted works, so if you see your work here and would like it removed please contact me.

How to Join

The price for a 1 month membership is $8.00. For one year $90.00

You can pay through Pay Pal with the buttons below (pre-filled out for membership). You can email me as well if you want to make sure I received payment. I will then issue you the name and password most likely within 24 hours which will be valid for 1 months or 1 year depending upon your choice and payment. If you would like to see anything else here I am always open to suggestions. Memberships are NOT automatically renewed. You must renew each time yours expires.

1 Month Membership


1 Year Membership


If you wish to join but don't prefer to send money over the internet. You can pay by check or money order (I will email you with the password upon receipt) if you prefer.  Just send me an email and I will give you the information of where to send.

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