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   Ebay Store Design is $60 for the front page design, it includes:

* Design & graphics in a theme and style that you indicate.  The images will need to be hosted by you so you will need to provide me a place to upload the images for you or images can be sent to you for you to upload.
*Placement of the new design in your eBay store if you choose for an additional $15. (You will need to provide me with your log in info which I guarantee will never be used again or for any other purpose)

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Basic design is $350.00, which includes the following:

* Five (5) basic web pages and 1 basic graphic set.
* I can provide the basic design and graphics of your choosing.
It's important that you give me your design and layout ideas that you have in mind for your web site. (please note that all graphics that I use to create your purchased web set, banners and logos must be my art or art that you have a copyright for, I can NOT make a personalized set for you with art that is not my own)
* I will place your site on a pseudo site so that you may view
the progress of your web site.  So that you can provide any final decisions for your site.
* You may also provide your own art or the art can be provided for your site. For instance, if you would like to use a company logo, I can work with you to make your site how you want.
* The basic web pages I provide are standard HTML with some possible Java.

Additional charges are as follows:

* Additional custom sets for your website begin at $60.00 per set
* Additional web pages begin at $40.00 per page.

A down payment of at least 50% is required before I being designing your
site. Once I begin designing the first half of your site, the down payment will
then become nonrefundable.
Once we reach the half way point of your site, the other 50% is due before
completion of the second half of your site.  Custom design takes time, and depending on other orders I am working on it can take up to a month.
Simple page updates for sites I create begin at $15.00 per page.
I also offer a site maintenance subscription of $10.00 per month that would cover any updates to your site.  Any request for complete page changes to your site will result in additional charges.

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Terms of Service & Additional Services:

* When payment is received for a private graphics set,
I will then remove the
graphics from my site and it will be exclusively yours. Please note ** Sets will
not be split to purchase the individual graphics.

* Individual Backgrounds - $10.00 per background

* Custom Banners - $15.00 per banner

* Exclusive Design Sets - starting at $80.00 per set
    This is a custom Webset customized to your specifications, it will include full set (buttons of your choice) and a custom banner. Custom design takes time, and depending on other orders I am working on it can take up to a month. Any request for complete page changes after design requirement has been agreed upon will result in additional charges.  Half of total payment is due in advance before I begin designing your set. After receiving the first payment I will put it up on a site for your
conformation...as soon as I receive the final payment
I will finish the set up and send you the files.

* Custom design logos - $25 per design, you would retain the copyright to he logo.

* Simple Logos - $15, I retain copyright on the image used in the logo.

* Avatar design $15

* Custom Art Image $60 - $150


For more information please fill out the form below.

Requested Service:
Background Only $10.00
Exclusive Design Sets $80.00
Web Design $275.00
Banner $15.00
Other Design (please list)

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